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Case Study - B-FortyOne deploys SkyKick Cloud Backup at UK Charity

After a successful deployment of SkyKick Cloud Backup at UK based children's charity 'Action for Children', SkyKick created a case study detailing the deployment delivered by B-FortyOne and the reasons behind some of the decisions that were taken.

Action for Children (AFC) works with children and youth, and in 2015, they impacted the lives of 300,000 children, young people, and families across the U.K. As a charity working with children in the UK, in addition to standard compliance requirements, the organisation needed a cloud backup solution that addressed additional requirements related to the Goddard Inquiry. This requires all organisations that handle or manage data related to children, to retain that data indefinitely and be able to provide it quickly upon request.

The case study explains why B-FortyOne felt that SkyKick Cloud backup was the only choice that delivered on AFC's cloud backup requirements.

Read the full Case Study here

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