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Protect your sensitive data with Azure Information Protection

Traditionally, the firewall was always considered the control plane with which to keep your data safe. Companies believed that the safest place for sensitive information to reside was within the network perimeter inside the Local Area Network. Files were stored in folders, permissions applied at folder level and inherited by the files that reside in it.

This mode of thinking has since changed, the modern thought process has concluded that this model would no longer meet the needs of many organisations since information now traverses traditional network perimeters and can be held anywhere. In fact, it is widely believed that there are fewer boundaries, more data and more complexity. As businesses adopt more cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Box, SharePoint and OneDrive, applying permissions at folder level simply does not work and would be impossible to manage.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a solution where it mattered not where the information was stored because each file would take its permissions with it. A situation where there was zero reliance on folder level permissions but instead a reliance on a service that would ensure only authorised identities were allowed to access content in protected files no matter where they were.

It would be wonderful if a solution existed that would protect companies from Insider Threat and one that blows away the theory that the internal Local Area Network is the safest places for files to live. The modern way of thinking is to protect sensitive information from getting into the hands of unauthorised internal bad actors as well as external bad actors.

Wouldn’t it be the icing on the cake if we could protect emails, all of Microsoft Office apps and PDF’s in the same way. Integration with Data Loss Prevention Policies would be wonderful too, right?

Well, such a solution exists, and it’s called Azure Information Protection. Contact B-FortyOne Solutions to find out more on how this technology can help you protect your sensitive information and how we can tailor the solution to meet the needs of your business.

  • Azure Information Protection is super simple to use; One click labelling, or automated labelling based on content in the file

  • Access is based on your identity; no passwords or keys that needs to be remembered or shared

  • Easily prevent access to sensitive information by unauthorised individuals

  • Access to company Information analysed in near real-time and centrally monitored

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